Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mid-Week Crime News 10/2/2016

It's time to take a break from the PCR hearing for Adnan Syed from Serial and take a look at the crime news from this side of the world.

New Zealand

A 32-year-old women jailed for murder as a teen is being released on parole.  Natalie Fenton was jailed at the age of 15 for her part in the stabbing of a elderly South Auckland man, and has spent half of her life behind bars.
Teen Killer gets parole

The man accused of murdering West Auckland woman, Cun Xiu Tian, has lost his bid for continued name suppression in the Auckland high court today.  He is Jaden Lee Stroobant, 19, and his trial has been scheduled for five weeks in November of this year.  A 43-year-old woman has also been charged as part of the police investigation into the death, but has been granted interim name suppression.  Stroobant has entered no plea.
West Auckland Murder Back in Court

A couple found guilty of murdering the woman's husband so they could be together have been sentenced in the Auckland High Court today.  The Crown Prosecuter summed up the murder of Davinda Singh as "brutal and callous," and in a victim impact statement, Singh's son said he will never forgive his mother for what she has done.  Amandeep Kaur and her lover, Gurjinder Singh (no relation to the victim) were co-workers who began having an affair, then plotted to kill Kaur's husband after he discovered his wife's infidelity.  Davinda Singh was stabbed 13 times, and almost decapitated in the brutal attack.  They were both sentenced to life in prison.
Murderous Affair leads to Life Sentences

Finally, from the "Only in New Zealand" file, Dunedin lines company, Delta Power, have been forced to remove dozens of pairs of shoes thrown onto power lines in the student area of the city.  According to a Delta spokesman, the notorious Hyde Street was the worst of the bunch, which surprises no one at all.  They're just lucky they didn't have to dodge burning couches and flying beer bottles to get to the shoes.
Dozens of Shoes Cleared from Dunedin Power Lines


Lifeguards on Sydney's Bronte Beach found a new use for their lifesaving skills, foiling the attempted abduction of a7-week-old baby.  The baby was sleeping on a towel next to his mother when a man grabbed the child and attempted to flee with him.  The mother struggled with the man before lifeguards stepped in.  The baby was unharmed and his mother recieved minor injuries in the struggle.
 Sydney Lifeguards Stop Baby Snatcher

Two weeks ago I reported on a story about three Australian men accused of the gang-rape of a Norwegian backpacker in Croatia.  The men paid a substantial amount of money to escape jail sentences, which has caused outrage both in Croatia and back in Australia, where the men have now returned.  Journalists investigating the three men have turned up disturbing evidence that all three were part of a hypermasculine bodybuilding subculture in which women are objectified and male entitlement is the norm.
Australian Rapists Part of Hypermasculine Bodybuilding Culture

An 11-year-old Aboriginal boy is facing murder charges in the death of a 26-year-old man who was stabbed during a brawl.  The boy is one of four charged with the crime, and is being held in a juvenile facility until his next court appearance, where he will apply for supervised bail.
11-Year-Old Faces Murder Charges

 Pacific Islands

Police in Papua New Guinea are hunting for a Chinese national accused of committing millions worth of fraud in the impoverished Pacific nation.  Zhou Qianbin and his wife,  Ge Jiao Jiao are believed to have stolen around $500'000 NZ from their employer and secretly wired it to accounts in Asia.  Ge Jiao Jiao is believed to have fled PNG for China already, but Zhou, who's passport was confiscated, is believed to still be in PNG despite failing to appear in court this week.
PNG Police Hunt Chinese National over Fraud

 Eight prisoners in New Caledonia have been sentenced to extra terms of imprisonment for their role in an escape attempt and an assault on a prison guard.  In January, 20 prisoners at the Camp Est jail tried to escape the prison, assaulting a guard in the process.  The jail terms will be added to their existing sentences.
 Prison Rioters Face New Charges

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