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Mid week crime news from New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific: 20/1/2016

 Mid-Week Crime News: Wednesday 20/1/2016

New Zealand
New Zealand crime news is still being dominated by the vicious murder of 70-year-old West Auckland resident, Cun Xiu Tian.  Police are asking the public to report any sightings of a young man in a green and white tracksuit and white baseball cap on the night of the murder.

 In other news, a 38-year-old Auckland mother who recently regained custody of her son after losing him due to her alchoholism, has been sentenced to intense supervision after she fell off the wagon and left her 21-month-old son at home alone for over 12 hours while she went out drinking.  As if that wasn't bad enough, she also punched the manager of a supermarket after she was caught shoplifting and then went on to assault the police officer who arrested her.  What a stunning example of humanity...NOT!

A man has appeared in the Victorian court today, charged with murder after the body of a woman was found in bushland on Monday.  Police believe the body is that of missing woman, Karen Chetcuti, who disappeared from the town of Whorouly a week ago.  The accused murderer, 48-year-old Michael Cardamone, lived next door to the victim and allegedly killed her after she went to his home to pick up some tomatoes.

A man was shot dead by police in a suburb of North-West Sydney this morning after he walked into a police station weilding a large knife.  It brings to mind the phrase 'don't bring a knife to a gun fight,' especially if the guy with the gun is a cop.


 Just in case you thought it was only America that has problems with police corruption, think again.  An anonymous letter signed by "Police Officers who want make use of the time and money we are paid with" was sent to the editor of the Samoan Observer, as well as the Samoan Police Commissioner and a number of other officials.  This letter alleges widespread corruption, and accuses Samoan police officers of "leading the way in breaking the law."  The letter goes on to list a number of system problems with Samoan law enforcement and is the second letter to surface with these kinds of allegations.  The first letter surfaced a few years ago and led to a number of inquiries.

Papua New Guinea

An American tourist was raped and tortured for more than an hour in a vicious pack-rape on the Kokoda trail on Monday, while her male partner was forced to watch.  The couple were attacked by three men weilding machetes and spears, and the woman lost three fingers during the prolonged attack.  The men also robbed the couple of money, cell phones and other valuables.  The Kokoda track is a popular hiking destination for tourists, and police are asking local villagers for help in capturing the suspects.  Villagers successfully captured one of the men involved and turned him over to police, but the remaining two are still at large.


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